Friday, October 24th, 2014

Yuma Unemployment Rate Listed As Worst In The Country has profiled five of the worst unemployment rates in the country and Yuma was listed as number one.  The posting says quote, “No metropolitan area’s employment situation is worse off than Yuma, where 27.5 percent of the labor force was considered unemployed in November 2012.

Regional leaders point out that the winter months tend to spur employment in fields such as hospitality as people flock to the area to escape the winter cold.  They also point out that agriculture jobs tend to be very seasonal in nature, with considerable temporary hiring taking place in the winter months.

More than ten-percent of the metro Yuma labor force works in agriculture, compared with just under two-percent of the U.S. population as a whole. 

Much like many other cities with a high unemployment rate, the Yuma area’s poverty rate is high. In 2011, 21.8 percent of the area’s residents lived below the poverty line, significantly higher than the 15.9 percent across the country.  The median household income was also quite low at $38,390, more than $12,000 dollars below the national median. 

El Centro, California was listed as the second worst followed by Yuba City, California, Merced, California and Atlantic City, New Jersey.

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