Friday, October 24th, 2014

Yuma Police Department K-9 To Receive Protective Vest

The Yuma Police Department has been selected to receive a vest for their recently announced new Police Service Dog, Raico. Raico was selected by the Protect Police K-Nine's Organization from Tucson to receive a free of charge protective vest. The Protect Police K-Nine's Organization was started by Michael Valdez when he was a third grade student in Tucson. Michael read a Scholastic magazine article which described law enforcement dogs in Los Angeles, California who were provided with a protective vest to wear as their uniform. Michael solicited assistance from his parents who approached the Tucson Police Department about the need for K-Nine protective vests and the potential costs associated with them. That action taken by Michael and his family was started fourteen years ago with the Tucson Police Department being the first department to get K-Nine vests through this program. To date, 192 vests have been provided and approximately $200,000 raised for the purchases. Valdez will officially present Raico his vest on Friday morning at the Yuma Police Department.

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