Thursday, October 23rd, 2014

Yuma PD Announces New Safety Campaign

police-announcementThe Yuma Police Department is informing drivers and pedestrians alike to be aware of their surroundings more to help alleviate driver/pedestrian accidents. 

The department is rolling out a new campaign, “Drive Aware, Walk With Care” and “Drive Aware, Ride With Care”.  Those are the titles of two new Public Service Announcements that will be aired by television and radio alike in the coming weeks and months. 

Yuma Police Department Sargent LeAnne Worthen says both parties need to be watching what is going on whether behind the wheel or pounding the sidewalk.

In the past five years, 200 pedestrian/vehicle accidents have occurred, with one of those causing a fatality.  It is hoped that there will be a huge decrease in the numbers of such accidents.  She adds that one accident is one too many.

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