Tuesday, October 21st, 2014

Yuma City Council Accuses Mayor Krieger Of Abusing Petty Cash Fund

Mayor-Alan-KriegerThe Yuma City Council took several minutes during their Wednesday meeting to chastise and accuse Mayor Alan Krieger of financial improprieties.  It came to the attention of the city council recently that there is nearly $900 that is not accounted for properly in the city’s petty cash fund. 

Council member Edward Thomas brought the issue to light after an audit revealed the missing funds.  The money in question was paid to Mayor Krieger – mostly in the form of money used to fuel his vehicle used in the city and Yuma County.  Several amounts of cash over a two year period were paid to Krieger, just on the basis of receipts – without documenting how many miles were driven and for what purpose. 

Some of the information listed showed Mayor Krieger drove to locations in Yuma County.  However, upon questioning City Administrator Greg Wilkinson, city employees, city council members and the mayor are not paid for any city business within 100 miles, unless, there is overnight travel and lodging is required.  When asked, Wilkinson said only the Mayor has been paid for such trips. 

However, when Wilkinson took the office of City Administrator, changes were made in which his office was responsible for paying and reimbursement for such items.  Wilkinson also added when asked, that if any city employee or council member did this, they would be disciplined, fired or even prosecuted.

Thomas added that the council needs to keep their house clean in order to be accountable to taxpayers.   After several other comments, Mayor Kreiger spoke on the matter, comparing the discussion as if it were a trial.  Wilkinson, when asked, told Thomas that the purchases by Kreiger were not done properly.

Krieger later said he will reimburse the city, but will then take the proper steps to ask for a reimbursement, that may end up costing the city more than the missing $876

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