Monday, October 20th, 2014

Windy Conditions Sweep Across The West

BlowingDustThe high winds in the area Monday delayed road construction work in Yuma.  Slurry seal work that was to be done on 24th Street from Fourth Avenue to the East Main Canal was cancelled.  The work will resume tonight, weather permitting. 

Meanwhile, powerful winds raked much of California on Monday, toppling trees, spreading wildfires, causing scattered power outages, whipping up blinding dust storms, and sending waves crashing ashore as a vigorous spring weather system swept through the state on its way across the West.

Rising winds were reported in Arizona, where 34 miles of Interstate-40 near Winslow were closed to traffic.

In Phoenix, blowing dust obscured the mountains surrounding the city, and at least four people were injured in a pileup when two semi-trucks jackknifed in a dust storm on Interstate-Ten in southern Arizona.  The injuries were not life-threatening.

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