Tuesday, October 21st, 2014

Two Suspects Charged In Strip Club Robbery

Two of four suspects charged in connection with an armed robbery at a strip club this summer were in court Tuesday morning. Our television partner KYMATV says Judge Stephen J. Rouff sentenced 24-year old Dante Hubbard for his role in the attempted robbery at the Stiletto’s Gentleman’s Club in August. Hubbard stood before the judge for a probation violation hearing. Judge Rouff revoked his probation and sentenced him to a presumptive term of one year in jail. Meanwhile, another defendant in the same crime was also in court. Jacky Muldrew's defense argued that he be released to either pre-trial services or his father, who was seated in the court room. Muldrew and Hubbard were both charged with aggravated armed robbery and aggravated assault for their role in an armed robbery at Stilettos Gentleman's Club this summer. They have both pled not guilty to the crimes.

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