Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014

San Luis Mexico Hikes Taxes By Five Percent

San Luis' businesses rake in plenty of sales from Mexican nationals crossing the border just to shop. However, the city might see a spike in sales due to a recent decision of the Mexican congress. Local businesses in San Luis gathered together at City Hall Tuesday night to learn about projects coming up in 2014. But projects may not be the only changes coming. The Mexican congress passed a bill that went into effect this month. That bill raised the sales tax of Mexico's border states by 5%. Businesses in San Luis as well as other U.S. Border towns are expected to benefit. One issue for San Luis however still remains. Mayor Gerardo Sanchez says border crossing delays are still a constant issue.
As of now, it is still too early in 2014 to see how much the sales tax spike in Mexico will affect the economy in San Luis.

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