Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014

San Luis Mayor To Break Ground For New Potable Water Transmission Line Project

During a recent public meeting of the Board of Directors of the North American Development Bank and the Border Environment Cooperation Commission, officials representing both institutions delivered a ceremonial check to San Luis Mayor Gerardo Sanchez and Vice Mayor Matias Rosales in the amount of $500,000 recently, from NADB’s Community Assistance Program, which aims to assist smaller communities in the border region meet their high-priority infrastructure needs.
As a result, Mayor Sanchez and Council Members will break ground today for the new potable water transmission line project that will provide interconnection between San Luis’ two water distribution systems, improving water pressure and eliminating backflows that can pose a public health risk. The project involves construction of a 16 inch, 1.5 mile underground waterline that will nearly double the available water supply that is generated from seven pump stations that provide storage.

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