Friday, October 24th, 2014

Rep. Gosar Condemns Federal Overreach In Education

United States Congressman Paul Gosar issued the following statement after announcing his co-sponsorship of the Common Core Resolution, legislation that strongly denounces President Obama’s attempt to coerce states into adopting Common Core by instituting preferences in federal grants and flexibility waivers. Quote – “As a father, I know that a good education is critical to every child’s success. This is a key reason why I vehemently oppose national standards. One size doesn’t fit all. Adopting national standards leads to national tests, which in turn lead to the establishment of a national curriculum and teachers simply teaching for the test. When it comes to running federal programs, the federal government gets an ‘F,’ making national standards a recipe for disaster. Involvement by the federal government in education only disrupts the fundamental relationship between students, parents and teachers. Bureaucrats in Washington, D.C. don't know the educational needs of students in Yuma, Buckeye or Kingman.”- unquote.

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