Monday, October 20th, 2014

Renewable Energy Bill To Introduce Competitive Leasing

Wind-Solar-Renewable-energy-powerA bill being considered by a pair of Congressional committees would require wind and solar developers to compete for public land leases, bidding on the places they want to site their projects.  

Once those projects were up and running, they would have to pay royalties.  The money would be split between the state, counties, and the Bureau of Land Management – and just over one-third of it would go into a wildlife and land conservation fund.  

Arizona Representative Paul Gosar is the sponsor of the Public Lands and Renewable Energy Development Act.

Nic Callero with the National Wildlife Federation says it should boost this type of development in Arizona.

Callero's group believes a competitive leasing process also means developers will avoid controversial areas with critical habitat concerns, to save time and money.

The bill has co-sponsors from both parties in eight western states, including Arizona's Ann Kirkpatrick and David Schweikert.

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