Thursday, October 23rd, 2014

Police Chief Briefs City Council On State Of The Department And Operating Budget

Yuma-PoliceThe Yuma City Council heard a lengthy report on the state of the Yuma Police Department during the regular council meeting held Wednesday night.  Police Chief John Lekan discussed staffing, budgets and gave crime related statistics. 

The department answered 72,000 calls in 2012 and filed over 15,000 reports.  The 2012 budget was over $22 million and the department is seeking over $23 million for their operating budget. 

Lekan says five homicides have been committed so far in 2013.  Lekan says all the murders seem to be moved by passion and we do not have a serial killer running around.

Lekan also noted that the city is seeing a significant drop in graffiti activity. 

The council also approved the purchase of 49 acres near the Yuma Palms Regional Center.  The property will be used to construct a sports complex, containing several soccer fields.  The hope is to be able to lure tournaments to the area through the new fields. 

The 2013-2014 budget was discussed.  Following the public hearing, a budget of over $189 million was approved.

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