Thursday, October 23rd, 2014

New Sculpture Adorns Yuma’s Historic Downtown Main Street

ForkRecent visitors to Yuma’s historic downtown Main Street may have come to a fork in the road.  Well, not so much in the road as sticking up from the sidewalk. 

Too large for even the heartiest eater to actually use, the fork represents a public art donation put together by several community members to help distinguish the landscape. 

The sculpture fits with the City’s Art in Public Places Master Plan, which calls for four central themes: cultural, historic, nature, and/or whimsy. 

The fork is the creation of Perry Pensky, owner of Penn Neon Sign Company in Yuma.  Pensky created the original piece of art.  

Christine Dawson of Da Boyz Restaurant donated the funds for materials and installation.  Penn Signs then installed it.  City of Yuma Operations Administrator Ricky Rinehart coordinated the project.

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