Thursday, October 23rd, 2014

New Budget Plan Authored By Paul Ryan Could Eliminate Billions Of Dollars in Arizona Funding

Budget-Cuts-moneyAn in-depth analysis of the recently passed US House Republican budget shows it would shift huge costs to Arizona state programs and taxpayers.  

At a time when the Legislature has already cut several key health and education programs, the budget authored by Congressman Paul Ryan would eliminate billions of dollars now coming to Arizona.

One of the report authors is Michael Leachman.  He says the Ryan plan would reverse a very cost-effective expansion of Arizona's version of Medicaid, and on top of that, slash the program by nearly a third after ten years.  He says that would not save money, but add to the states' burden.

The new report comes from the national Center on Budget and Policy Priorities.  Supporters argue the Ryan plan is necessary to reduce the federal deficit.  The Ryan cuts would come on top of belt-tightening already put in place by Congress and the White House.

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