Thursday, June 21st, 2018



Here's a little about me… 


I was born and raised in Salmon, Idaho.  My family has been in the outfitter and guide business for generations.  So I spent my younger years fishing and white water rafting.  I LOVE to fish and go to Alaska every chance I get.  My family has a lodge there and it's the best fishing in the world!!  I mean that! I went to college in Bozeman, MT. for cinematography and media arts.  But, life got in the way…so, I  got into the music scene.   I played in some bands and traveled around. 

I found myself back in Salmon some years later where I met my husband of 15 years (Kenny).  We got married in Payette Idaho.  Then began traveling again with his business.  He is a heavy industrial Construction Superintendent  for TIC.  We moved all over the west for 10 years.  I spent a while here in Yuma while Kenny was on a job in San Francisco, and fell in love with YUMA.  I began working for the YMCA.  But, soon I had to move again. 

Finally, we decided no more moving ! I wanted to come back to Yuma so I did.  I went back to work for the YMCA. Kenny now works around the country and gets home when he can.  We have 2 little girls Hailey, 12 and Makyla 14. The girls and I have a great time 4 wheeling, swimming and hanging out together. 

I love working for KTTI.  I've met so many people that are so friendly. The people here in Yuma are the best.  I love getting out and rubbing shoulders with ya all. I like hearing from all the people that call in and leave messages. They make each day so worth getting out of bed!  THANK YOU YUMA!


Me on Garth's star just days after he was there to place it. 
I think it still has his DNA on it!

Here are a few things I like the most…

MONSTER energy drinks (Blue)
Halibut Fishing
The movie TOP GUN!
My pink Polaris Phoenix
Blondies at Applebees (mmm)
My cat Fizz Butt
And my Mom and Dad the are the BEST!

Here's a few sites that rock...

Family's Alaska lodge…
My brother…
Garth Brooks…








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