Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014

Mayor’s Control Of City Council Meetings Questioned

City-Council-Meeting2The Yuma City Council talked for several minutes Wednesday about their reasoning behind wanting to move the public comment portion of the meeting to the end of the session from it’s current position earlier in the meeting schedule.  The reasons are mostly due to citizens talking out of turn to moving the meeting along in a more streamlined fashion. 

Council member Edward Thomas took the opportunity to ask for the change for the benefit of the council, since he felt Mayor Alan Krieger does not have proper control of the meetings.

Mayor Kriger fired back saying the statement stemmed from being thin skinned and that if this was the reaction, then the council was not a place such persons should serve.  The motion to approve moving the call to the public to the end of the meeting failed for the lack of a motion. 

Also, 24 people voiced their opinion about the city and county wanting to take over control of the animal shelter.  The majority of the persons speaking were animal shelter volunteers who want to keep government out of the control of animal control.  They feel they have spent several years to get the shelter where it is today and can continue operating the program as it has been for the last 20 years.

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