Thursday, October 23rd, 2014

Marijuana Seized by Border Patrol

Border Patrol agents assigned to Yuma Sector’s Wellton Station seized 237-pounds of marijuana in two separate incidents, Tuesday (18).  Agents of the All-Terrain Vehicle Unit patrolling near Gila Bend were tracking the footprints of a group of suspected illegal aliens when they located three abandoned bundles of marijuana. 

The combined weight of the marijuana was 130-pounds worth an estimated 58-thousand-dollars.  An immediate search of the area revealed no smugglers.  In another incident, near Interstate-Eight, an agent performing an immediate search of an area where seven subjects had been previously apprehended found two bundles of marijuana. 

The bundles contained a combined weight of
107-pounds valued at an estimated 48-thousand-dollars.  The marijuana was seized for destruction per Yuma Sector Guidelines.

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