Monday, October 20th, 2014

Leading Insurance Industry Analyst Upgrades Rating For Yuma’s Building Code Effectiveness

A leading insurance industry analyst upgraded its rating for the City of Yuma’s building code effectiveness to a level shared previously by only one other jurisdiction in Arizona and only one-percent of jurisdictions nationwide. The Insurance Services Office Incorporated, which supplies data and analytics for the insurance industry, upgraded the City’s rating in the Building Code Effectiveness Grading Schedule to a grade of two for one-and-two-family residential properties and also for commercial and industrial properties. The grading scale is one to ten, with one being highest; however, few achieve a one rating. No Arizona jurisdictions earned a BCEGS of one in 2013. The resulting change means Yuma is among the top few communities in Arizona and one of less than 300 nationwide with a BCEGS of two or better.

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