Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014

Last Minute Tax Advice

Tax-refund-taxesFor some people, this will be a busy day, gathering all the stuff they need to file their taxes.  The deadline is midnight, and for Arizonans who waited until the last minute, it is often a mad dash to pull the appropriate documents together and fill in the blanks. 

Marshall Mennenga says procrastinators usually make the same mistake every year.

Mennenga says quite a few people end up getting a far smaller refund because they just file the 1040-EZ form.  He says if you can take the time to work through the longer form 1040 and figure out your deductions, you could wind up paying quite a bit less or getting a bigger refund. 

Mennenga says it is not too late to resolve to be better organized for next year’s tax deadline.

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