Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014

Investors Look Locally As Stock Market Climbs

Stock-market-rise-upIt has been a good start to the year on Wall Street, but that is not stopping some investors from moving away from global capital markets to put their money into local enterprises, where there is a positive social impact along with a return.

John Bloom with RSF Social Finance says he has seen a record number of clients diversify away from global capital markets to invest in local companies working in such areas as food, education and ecological stewardship.  According to Bloom, investors are taking things personally.   

Bloom says the goal is to transform the way the world works with money, lending, investing and giving.  Meantime, the Dow Jones closed this week for the first time above 15,000.  The Standard and Poor's 500 closed Wednesday at 1632, also a record.

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