Thursday, October 23rd, 2014

Insurance Data Suggests Climate Change Is Costing Arizona

Global-Earth-Money-CostHow much is damaging weather due to climate change costing Arizona?  A look at insurance data suggests it is more than a billion dollars a year and rising.  

Opponents of clean-air limits on carbon pollution say the new rules will hurt the coal industry and raise the price of electricity.  But an analysis of insurance claims says bad weather already cost Arizona $1.6 billion in 2012.  

Laurie Johnson with the Natural Resources Defense Council helped analyze the data and says it is getting worse.  She points to storms that hit the state last year and left many without power.

The insurance data shows 2012 as the second most expensive year on record.  13 of the 20 worst United States natural disasters since 1950 have occurred since 2000.

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