Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014

House Votes To Delay Affordable Care Act Mandates

Affordable-care-act-Obamacare-healthThe United States House of Representatives passed two bills Wednesday, The Fairness for American Families Act and The Authority for Mandate Delay Act, which would delay the individual mandate and the employer mandate in the Affordable Care Act, respectively. 

Arizona Congressman Paul Gosar issued a statement, “I voted to delay implementation of Obamacare with the intention that in the next year we will scrap the worst law Congress has passed since Prohibition.  This law represents the single largest peace-time tax increase on an already over-taxed American public.  Obamacare destroys the relationship patients have with their doctors and puts bureaucrats in the middle.  The impact of this law has cost workers their jobs, raised policy premiums and limited health options.”

The bills propose delaying the implementation of the new health reforms until 2015.

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