Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014

Grand Canyon Communities Lose Out On $17 Million During Last Years Partial Government Shutdown

Arizona communities near the Grand Canyon lost out on $17 million dollars during last year's partial government shutdown. That is according to a report released Monday by the National Park Service. The report found that Grand Canyon visitors typically spend $37 million dollars during October on gas, food, lodging and outfitters. That figure fell to $20 million dollars as Congress wrangled over the federal budget, forcing the closure of national parks. The report found that Arizona overall lost out on $27 million dollars, coming in second to California. About ten-days into the 16-day shutdown, the Obama administration allowed states to pay to reopen national parks to offset harm to tourism. Arizona opted to reopen the Grand Canyon at a cost of $465,000. The report shows visitors spent ten-dollars for every dollar that Arizona contributed.

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