Monday, October 20th, 2014

Gas Station Employee Thwarts Car Theft

CarsThe Yuma Police Department say an attempted vehicle theft was thwarted due to quick thinking on the part of the vehicle owner and a nearby employee.  The incident occurred at the Circle K station in the 600 block of South Fourth Avenue Wednesday afternoon.

A man approached the victim as she was pumping gas.  The suspect – identified as 41-year-old Julio Jackson – pushed the victim out of the way and entered the vehicle.  The victim’s baby was in the car at the time.  The victim began yelling for help and a nearby worker ran to the vehicle and forced him out of the car.  Jackson then walked away and tried to steal another vehicle later but was unable to do so.  Officers arrived and found Jackson nearby and arrested him.  He is charged with robbery, attempted kidnapping, two counts of attempted theft of a vehicle and assault.

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