Friday, October 24th, 2014

Expanding Agri-Tourism Highlighted By Upcoming Lettuce Days

Yuma-Lettuce-DaysThe agri-tourism program in Yuma County is growing.  The Yuma Visitor’s Bureau says this season they held 20 Field to Feast tours, two Farmer to Farmer tours, and six Savor Yuma culinary tours. 

The bureau also says writers, reporters, kids, parents and grandparents have visited the special programs. 

Surveys show that approximately 20 percent of our tour participants came to Yuma just for the tour and extended their stay for the tour. 

The upcoming Lettuce Days and the Harvest Dinner, provided for by the Yuma Visitor’s Bureau, helps to pay tribute to the entire industry. 

The Harvest Dinner will be held on Thursday a student agriculture field trip on Friday and Yuma Lettuce Days Saturday and Sunday.

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