Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014

El Centro Border Patrol Update

El Centro Sector Border Patrol agents had a busy weekend that included the arrest of a suspected narcotics smuggler in possession of over $76,000 in heroin, and the arrest of a convicted felon recently released from prison.

A 25 year old male, driving a grey 1994 Oldsmobile bearing Sinaloa, Mexico license plates approached the Border Patrol checkpoint located between Westmorland and Salton City Sunday. Border Patrol agents conducted a pat down of the man, which revealed a vacuum sealed package of heroin wrapped with white electrical tape, concealed in his groin area. The man, a Mexican citizen and holder of a B1/B2 Visa was arrested as the sole suspect in the case.

The second significant event occurred Monday near Ocotillo, California. Agents assigned to the El Centro Border Patrol Station arrested 49 year old Jose Lui Gobea-Diego, who illegally entered the United States. Record checks revealed that Gobea has an extensive criminal history and is a convicted felon who was sentenced to eleven years in prison for manslaughter. Gobea was released from prison in February. An Immigration Judge ordered Gobea deported twice, in September 1984 and March 2013. Gobea is currently being held for criminal prosecution.

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