Thursday, October 23rd, 2014

Cyber Scam Disguised As Computer Repair Service

The Yuma Police Department is warning about cybercriminals who often use publicly available phone directories to contact you and claim to be from a computer service or provider. They say your computer needs an additional piece of software in order to update or remove viruses that are causing it to run slowly – at a cost. They offer to check your computer for any other problems. They tell you they will send a link for remote access to your computer. You are charged a fee either on your credit card or they ask you to wire money for payment. Typically the fee is $300 or less. After they receive payment and give them your email address, you are instructed to open the email and the attachments to install updates or open the link for remote access to fix your computer. Once you open the link you inadvertently allow the download of ransomware and now your computer and your personal information is vulnerable. The criminal now can get information and important files off your computer. Police say in order to protect yourself, be wary of unsolicited calls and never provide any personal information.

They say never give your banking or credit card information over the phone.

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