Tuesday, October 21st, 2014

City Utility Bills May Arrive Late

billsFollowing the recent overhaul of the City of Yuma’s utility billing software, bills that had been scheduled to go out during the month of May are late arriving to customers.  The City apologizes for the inconvenience.  

Customers who expected to receive their bills in May are either just now getting those bills or are about to receive them.  The result is that some customers may have bills due in consecutive months instead of every-other-month, which is the usual schedule.  City services bills are due 20 days following receipt.  Those receiving late bills will still have the same amount of time between date received and date due. 

Billing for customers scheduled to normally receive their bills in June is on track.  Following that, the City will resume billing the way it had been prior to the software conversion.  May customers will be billed again, on time, in July, even though they may be paying their May bill in June.

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