Friday, October 24th, 2014

City Of Yuma Kicks Off Recycling Program

Yuma-RecycleRecycling is coming to Yuma very soon.  The City of Yuma introduced the roll out schedule of the upcoming recycling program. 

The containers will begin to be delivered on May 13th.  Over a 14-week period, all 21,000 containers will be delivered to Yuma city residents.  Currently there are 6,000 containers on site now, with the rest to be delivered shortly. 

The information was released during Earth Day weekend, a time very apropos for such a program, according to Yuma Deputy Mayor Leslie McClendon.

Mary Stofft helped spearhead the recycling program among her peers and even went so far in personally asking the Yuma City Council to approve the program.  

For more specific questions about scheduled pickups or when your recycling bin will be delivered, you can call the Yuma City Hall at 928-373-4500 or check out the city’s website at

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