Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014

City Council Approves Pay Raise

city-of-yumaThe Yuma City Council took some heat at Wednesday’s regular meeting about a 2.5-percent across the board pay raise.  The increase is in the proposed 2014 Fiscal Year budget.  

Gary Wright approached the city council to ask why such a percentage is given instead of using a merit system.  He also is concerned about the council reportedly adding five new jobs, thus putting an added burden on the city budget.  He added that the city needs to look at obtaining new sources of revenue.

In retort, City Councilmember Edward Thomas asked if Wright was implying if it was the council’s job to place certain pay raises for employees.  Wright was assured by City Manager Greg Wilkinson that both they and Yuma County authorities are working together to conduct a study to see if some employee salaries need to be adjusted to balance out future across the board raises. 

The council ended up approving the preliminary budget.

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