Monday, October 20th, 2014

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Luke Air Force Base Civilian Employees Expecting Pay Despite Government Shutdown


Luke Air Force Base officials say civilian employees at the base are expected to be paid on time Friday despite the government shutdown. Civilians who were exceptions from the furlough will be paid for all days worked in the September 22nd to October 5th pay period. Those who were furloughed will be paid for days worked between September 22nd and ... Read More »

U.S. Citizen Arrested For Smuggling Illegal Aliens


 Agents from the Wellton Border Patrol Station arrested a United States citizen attempting to smuggle a Mexican national through the Interstate-8 Border Patrol checkpoint near Telegraph Pass, Thursday night. A Border Patrol canine unit alerted to the smuggler’s vehicle, causing the agents to refer it to secondary inspection. Half a gram of methamphetamine was found in the vehicle and it ... Read More »

Democratic Members Of The House Arrested After Rally Near Capitol


At least eight Democratic members of the House – including Raul Grijalva of Arizona – are among about 200 people arrested after blocking a main street near the Capitol during a massive rally seeking to push Republicans to hold a vote on a stalled immigration reform bill. Representatives of other groups whose members attended the Tuesday (8) rally, such as ... Read More »

Yuma County Anti-Drug Coalition Looks To Break Record


A new World Record is expected to be done in Yuma early next year. The Yuma County Anti-Drug Coalition is seeking over 5200 people, all dressed in red, to help create the largest Red Ribbon ever completed.   The current record is exactly 5200, so anything over that would break it. Once all the people are in place, a picture ... Read More »

Oldest Person In Arizona’s Death Row To Be Executed Today


The oldest person on Arizona's death row is set to be executed today at the state prison in Florence for killing a man nearly 35 years ago during a robbery. 71 year old Edward Harold Schad Junior will be given a lethal dose of pentobarbital at about 10am, barring any last-minute stays.   He was convicted twice of killing 74 ... Read More »

Suspect In Jail After Trying To Evade Police 


The Yuma Police Department says Attempted Murder charges have now been filed against a man who was involved in a shootout with authorities last week. 26 year old Jesus Bran Ibarra was arrested at the Knights Inn and Suites parking lot last week after he tried to ram police vehicles with an alleged stolen vehicle. He is charged with two ... Read More »

Brewer To Congratulate Sunnyside Little League Today


Arizona Governor Jan Brewer is set for a trip to Tucson where she will congratulate the city's Sunnyside Little League softball team for winning the Little League Softball World Series in August. Brewer plans to meet with the team this afternoon. Earlier in the day, the governor plans to visit Tucson-based Universal Avionics to recognize the company's contributions to Arizona's ... Read More »

Maricopa County Fourth Highest For Deathrow Inmates


Not all counties are created equal when it comes to issuing death penalty sentences in Arizona – or the rest of the country. Just two-percent of U-S counties produce the majority of death penalty cases. A new report by the Death Penalty Information Center says Maricopa County is fourth highest in the nation for death row inmates, and Tenth highest ... Read More »

Arizona-Nevada Planning New Interstate Highway


Arizona and Nevada transportation officials are holding a series of meetings for public comment on possible alternatives for planning and building a new interstate highway. The two states' transportation departments are working on planning for a proposed Interstate-Eleven which would connect Phoenix and Las Vegas and points beyond in each state. The public hearings are beginning in Arizona. The first ... Read More »

Suspect In Custody After Trying To Evade Police


A man who was shot last week after trying to evade authorities has been released from the hospital and is now in custody at the Yuma County Jail. 26 year old Jesus Bran Ibarra is a known violent gang member. He tried to evade officials Wednesday while at the Knight’s Inn and Suites on South Fourth Avenue. He used a ... Read More »

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