Friday, October 24th, 2014

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Furloughed Employees To Get Paid For 2 Week Government Shutdown


Thousands of furloughed Arizona employees whose salaries are fully or partially paid with federal funds will be paid for their two weeks off during the government shutdown. That word comes from Arizona Department of Administration spokesman Alan Ecker. The 16-day federal government shutdown ended Wednesday night and state and federal employees were back to work Thursday. In Arizona, furloughed state ... Read More »

Political Consulting Firm Pitches Proposal To Arizona Public Service


A political consulting firm pitched a proposal to Arizona Public Service Company for a stealth campaign to change how the state regulates utilities. The Arizona Republic reports that the head of the consulting firm whose representatives made the 2009 pitch says they did that at APS' request. APS denies that, with CEO Don Brandt saying APS did not solicit the ... Read More »

Police Searching For Suspects Involved With Homicide


The Yuma Police Department says they are seeking a suspect involved in an alleged shooting which occurred early Thursday morning.  Police say the shooting occurred in the 600 block of Eighth Street. When they arrived, they found a 21 year old male victim with a gunshot wound in his left hip. He had also been struck with a baseball bat. ... Read More »

Food Safety Rules Concern Small Farmers


The new Food Safety Modernization Act became law early in 2011 and is now going through an implementation process that includes making new rules for food producers. Tim Huth owns a vegetable farm, and says the proposed new rules are really going to hurt small to mid-size operations such as his.   Huth is concerned that the new rules will ... Read More »

The City Of Yuma Parks Presents Award To Yuma Fine Arts Board Chair


The City of Yuma Parks, Arts, and Recreation Commission presented the 13th Annual Tribute of the Muse Award to Renee Smith, Board Chair of the local arts group Yuma Fine Arts Association at a ceremony held at the Historic Yuma Theatre Thursday evening. Smith was honored for her ongoing and dedicated service in restoring and rebuilding a private arts organization ... Read More »

Government Shutdown Over; Gosar Says Far From Over


The government shutdown was termed over after the agreement between the Senate and the House was signed by President Barack Obama on Wednesday night. The extensions to keep the government open only go through January 2014 with the debt ceiling raised only through February 2014.   Arizona Representative Paul Gosar says this is far from over. Read More »

Gas Prices Lower In Arizona For Fourth Consecutive Week


Gasoline prices at the pump around Arizona are lower for the fourth consecutive week. Officials with AAA Arizona say that the average statewide price for unleaded regular gasoline is at $3.27 a gallon.  That is more than a penny lower than last week.  This week's national average is at $3.35 per gallon, down by less than one-cent from the previous ... Read More »

Lawyers File Second Appeal To Stop Scheduled Execution


Lawyers for Arizona death-row inmate Robert Glen Jones Junior have filed a second appeal with a federal court in an attempt to stop his scheduled execution next week.   Federal public defenders Thursday asked the Ninth United States Circuit Court of Appeals for an evidentiary hearing, arguing that prosecutors withheld evidence at Jones' 1998 trial. Jones' attorneys asked the Ninth ... Read More »

Rio De Cerveza Beer Fest To Be Held This Saturday


The first ever Rio De Cerveza Beer Fest will be held on Saturday at Desert Sun Stadium. Ann Walker of the Yuma Visitors Bureau says several breweries in Arizona will participate.   The festival will open at 4pm for the general public and 3pm for those with VIP passes. The cost is $80 and general admission is $20. Read More »

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