Thursday, October 23rd, 2014

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Senate Passes Bill Requiring Landlords To Notify Tenants Of Foreclosure


The Arizona Senate has joined the House in giving final approval to a bill requiring landlords to notify tenants when their property enters foreclosure.  House Bill 2281 amends the Arizona Residential Landlord and Tenant Act to require the owner to provide written notice to tenants within five business days of receiving a notice of trustee's sale.   The law previously ... Read More »

Suspected Meth Dealer Arrested


Acting on a tip, agents from the Yuma County Narcotics Task Force conducted surveillance on an individual suspected of selling methamphetamine on Tuesday.  Agents confirmed that there was activity consistent with the sale of drugs and conducted a vehicle stop on the subject as he left the area.  The stop resulted in the seizure of approximately 31-grams of methamphetamine with ... Read More »

Bill On Elected Officials’ Pensions Passes AZ Senate


A bill replacing pensions for new judges and other elected officials with a 401K-style retirement plan has passed the Arizona Senate on the second try.  The bill failed on a 12 to 12 vote Tuesday but four absent Republicans were in the Senate Wednesday and it passed on a 16-to-13 vote.  The House already voted for the bill but a ... Read More »

Yuma Sector Border Patrol Arrests Six


United States Border Patrol agents the from Yuma Sector arrested six drug smugglers in two separate incidents and seized a combined 365 pounds of marijuana valued at over $182,000.  Late Monday night, an agent observed three men in a parked car alongside Interstate-Eight.  As the agent pulled behind the car to investigate, the men fled in the vehicle.  After following ... Read More »

San Luis Man Arrested In Harassment Case


A man police have been looking for in connection with several harassing incidents in San Luis has been arrested.  The San Luis Police Department says 30-year-old Adrian Rafael Navarro was arrested at a home in Yuma Tuesday night.  Police believe he harassed several middle and high school students and has been charged with three counts of stalking.  Police say the ... Read More »

Yuma Police Search Mittry Lake For Missing Man


The Yuma County Sheriff’s Office is conducting a search for a missing man.  Police say they are looking in Mittry Lake for a 66-year-old man, who was reported missing Wednesday after he did not return home from a fishing trip.  Police are withholding the identity of the person they are seeking. The diving team with the Yuma County Sheriff's Office ... Read More »

Arias Found Guilty


Jodi Arais was found guilty of First Degree murder Wednesday following several weeks of testimony.  Now the penalty phase of the trial will begin today with jurors deciding whether Arias will get a prison term or the death penalty.  Arias told a KSAZ Phoenix television reporter moments after the decision, she prefers the death penalty. Arias has been placed under ... Read More »

Investors Look Locally As Stock Market Climbs


It has been a good start to the year on Wall Street, but that is not stopping some investors from moving away from global capital markets to put their money into local enterprises, where there is a positive social impact along with a return. John Bloom with RSF Social Finance says he has seen a record number of clients diversify ... Read More »

Water Leak Leaves Student With $16,000 Utility Bill


An undetected water leak has left a Northern Arizona University student with a huge water bill.  The city of Flagstaff says it is working out an agreement with the student's landlord after the utilities department billed the student more than $16,000.  The student's meter registered more than 1.4 million-gallons – enough to shower non-stop for a year.  The Arizona Daily ... Read More »

Quartzsite Sex Offender Arrested As Part Of US Marshal Operation


The U.S. Marshals Service concluded Operation Guardian, a three-year, national initiative specifically targeting the country’s most dangerous noncompliant sex offenders.   Deputy marshals and law enforcement partners arrested 345 individuals who had failed to register with state authorities as required by law.  One of those arrests came from the Yuma Division.  Jack Landreth was convicted in 1988 for lewd acts ... Read More »

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