Thursday, October 23rd, 2014

Call To The Public Moved To The End Of City Council Meetings

city-of-yumaThe Yuma City Council on Wednesday voted to move the Call to the Public.  The item will now be moved to the end of the meeting – instead of the beginning, where it has been for the past several years.  There are no changes to the amount of time persons will be allowed to speak. 

The ordinance was passed on a four-to-three vote with Mayor Alan Kreiger, Deputy Mayor Leslie McClendon and council member Bobbie Lewis voting against the proposal.  Mayor Kreiger spoke after the vote saying the past discussion about this issue have been a waste of time.

Some of the reasons stated for the moving of the Call to the Public were to allow business leaders an opportunity to be able to speak to the council while still in session since so many have to work later than when the council meetings typically start.

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