Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014

C-SPAN’s Special On Yuma Airs This Weekend

C-SpanC-SPAN’s Yuma Weekend is here.  Yuma themed programming that will air throughout this weekend on the C-SPAN Networks. 

Filming crews spent a week in Yuma back in March in order to get footage and interviews about what is special about Yuma and who makes it special. 

In addition to having the pieces sprinkled in throughout the weekend on the respective networks, both AHTV and BookTV will have a block of programming where all of the respective Yuma pieces for their networks will air. 

C-SPAN2, known as BookTV will air programming on Saturday at 9am and C-SPAN3, known as American History TV will air programming on Sunday starting at 2pm.  A special “Yuma” city web page at gives an opportunity to view the segments before they air.

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