Monday, October 20th, 2014

Brewer’s Budget Passes Along With Medicaid Expansion

Jan-BrewerArizona lawmakers have ended their six-month legislative session after passing an $8.8 billion budget and divisive Medicaid expansion in a huge political victory for Republican Governor Jan Brewer. 

The vote came after a marathon week that saw Brewer call a surprise special session late Tuesday that forced lawmakers to focus on the budget.

The House worked overnight to pass Brewer's top priorities, while the Senate voted Thursday afternoon to pass the budget and Medicaid expansion. 

Conservatives opposed Brewer's Medicaid plan.  Senator Don Shooter of Yuma voted against the proposal, stating such a program would not bring what Arizona really needs, jobs, and that the budget was not done properly.  He says he is concerned about the long-term economics of the plan.

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