Tuesday, October 21st, 2014

Border Patrol Wraps Up Multi-Agency Training Course

Border-Patrol-PatchYuma Sector Border Patrol agents concluded a three-day, multi-agency Active Shooter Training, this ended the fourth three-day training class which included participants from the Somerton Police Department, the Arizona Department of Transportation, CBP Office of Field Operations, the Imperial County Sheriff’s Office, the Yuma Police Department and the Yuma Sector of the United States Border Patrol. 

The course included classroom instruction combined with physically intensive, hands-on training scenarios utilizing non-lethal training ammunition.  

A primary focus of the training was to familiarize different agencies with working together should an emergency situation arise in a public school, private business or place of work.

The collaboration between multiple federal, state, and local agencies allowed officers and agents to coordinate response protocol and terminology while addressing concerns such as radio interoperability and notification procedures during an emergency.  These joint trainings lead to significant advances in Yuma area law enforcement’s ability to effectively approach high-risk situations.

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