Monday, October 20th, 2014

Board Of Supervisors Approves Sheriff’s Office To Trade Confiscated Guns

Gun-PileThe Yuma County Board of Supervisors met on Monday and approved to swap guns the Yuma County Sheriff’s Office confiscates. 

The board asked Sheriff Leon Wilmot about what procedures are in place for using such weapons.  Wilmot assured the board that the only weapons they use to trade for other weapons for the Sheriff’s Office are ones that are legally able to be traded.  Ones confiscated that are illegal are destroyed and no longer used. 

Wilmot told the board that due to a shortage of available funds, some deputies have to purchase and use their personal firearms.  The guns will be traded with a reputable weapons dealer. 

The board also heard the end of the year report from the Planning and Zoning Commission.  27 cases brought before the board were approved in 2012.  Also only one new subdivision was approved. 

Reasons cited for the slowdown in requests are due to the sluggish economy.  There were a reported 1,895 foreclosures in Yuma County, 94,000 in Arizona and over 2.3 million nationwide. 

Member Lenore Stuart addressed her concerns about several vacant or abandoned properties in her district and wants the Planning and Zoning Commission to further their efforts in condemning these dilapidated structures.

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