Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014

Board Of Supervisors Approves In-Car Camera Purchase For Police

Police-lightsThe Yuma County Board of Supervisors heard from the Executive Director of the Arizona County Supervisors Association Craig Sullivan about recent issues involving the county with the 2013 legislative session. 

Sullivan says working with all 15 counties as a group, helped to make their needs to state government known.  Property tax issues still present an issue and will linger for a while even after the last recession is a distant memory.

There were several budget cuts with sequestration dealing with payments to counties also that could bring additional cuts as late as 2016. 

The purchase of ten in car cameras for the Yuma County Sheriff’s Office was also approved.  The cost of the cameras is just under $60,000.  These cameras will help with border patrol issues.  Captain Eben Bratcher explained that issue with the Board. 

There are still over ten vehicles that will need to be outfitted with cameras in the future.

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