Tuesday, October 21st, 2014

Bee Aware

Bee-SwarmLast week the Yuma Fire Department responded to a call for bees swarming.  Citrus blossom smells are in the air and with that, bees seem to be more active.  

Each year the Yuma Fire Department will be asked to respond to bee swarms.  Although bee sting deaths are rare, they do occur and people with allergies to these stings are particularly at risk.  

Bees can swarm into a location and stay for only a couple of hours, or make it their new home.  

Not all bees are killer bees, but people do need to be cautious when they are outdoors.  They will not form a large swarm and hunt for you but will defend their hives aggressively.

If you are attacked, run away quickly until you reach shelter. Do not try to stand still in an attempt to fool the bees or fight the bees.

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