Tuesday, October 21st, 2014

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Vandalism Investigated At Saguaro National Park


Officials at Saguaro National Park say they are investigating the second vandalism incident at the Tucson park this month.  They say park natural resources along the Douglas Springs Trail were damaged or destroyed on Thursday night.  The damage includes at least one saguaro cactus.  Park law enforcement rangers say they are trying to identify two persons of interest in the ... Read More »

FDA Faces Lawsuit Over Animal Feed Containing Arsenic


The Food and Drug Administration is facing a lawsuit because it continues to allow arsenic in animal feed given to chickens, turkeys and hogs.  The suit was filed on behalf of a handful of advocacy groups, including the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy.   Senior advisor David Wallinga says it stems from a petition that was filed against the ... Read More »

Social Services Agency Brings New Approach To Fighting Poverty


A Detroit-based social service agency is working on a pilot program to bring its unusual approach to dealing with poverty to Arizona and the rest of the nation.  Matrix Social Services has created what it calls "Transition to Success," which treats poverty like an illness and its clients like patients.   While typical social service programs focus on symptoms of ... Read More »

Yuma Homeowner Shoots And Kills Intruder


Police say one person is dead following a home invasion over the holiday weekend.  The Yuma County Sheriff’s Office says a 19-year-old male intruder entered a home in the 14000 block of South Avenue “D” early Monday morning.  The homeowner confronted the man and police found the intruder dead from a single gunshot wound.  The name of the shooting victim ... Read More »

Corrections Officers Fired After Use Of Excessive Force On Inmate


Two officers working at the Arizona State Prison Complex in Yuma have been fired.  The Yuma Sun is reporting that a third officer has also been forced to resign.  The Arizona Department of Corrections says the reason for the terminations stemmed from an incident in which excessive use of force was used on an inmate inside the state prison system.  ... Read More »

Meeting Called To Discuss Looming Water Shortages From Colorado River


Top federal water managers plan to meet with officials from Indian tribes, conservationists and seven Western states to begin hammering out rules for squeezing every useable drop from the overtaxed Colorado River.  The meeting today in San Diego comes amid dire predictions of looming shortages. Just five months ago, the secretary of the interior declared the Colorado River might not ... Read More »

Sand Dunes Passes Increase In Price For Summer Season


If you are planning on purchasing an Imperial Sand Dunes pass, you will be paying more than you did last year.  The Yuma Sun is reporting that a proposal has been issued that would raise the price for a season pass to $150, weekly passes will cost $35 if purchased online or not at the dunes and $50 in person ... Read More »

Yuma Move To Amend Group To Host Public Workshop Tonight


The Yuma Move to Amend group will host a public workshop and presentation about “Creating Democracy and Challenging Corporate Rule” with guest speaker Ashley Sanders of the Move to Amend campaign. The event is tonight and will be at the Springhill Suites Hotel at 1825 East 18th Street in Yuma, starting at 6:30pm.  The forum will focus on how Yuma ... Read More »

Yuma Free Clinic To Put On Soccer Event As First Fundraiser


Yuma’s Free Health Clinic is now open and is getting ready for their first fundraiser.  The clinic helps to provide free medical care to those who fall in line with National Poverty figures from the government.  The clinic is staffed by volunteers including physicians, nurses and support staff.  Wade McBride appeared on our Eye on the Desert Southwest show earlier ... Read More »

Yuma Arts Center’s Summer Extravaganza To Start In June


The Yuma Arts Center is gearing up for the Summer Extravaganza starting in June.  Pat Quinn dropped by our studios recently to discuss what will be occurring this summer. There will be free movies held at the Yuma Arts Center, located at the Historic Yuma Theatre in downtown Yuma. Read More »

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