Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014

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Yuma City Council To Meet This Evening


The Yuma City Council will meet this evening for their first meeting in August.  The council will consider the approval of a liquor license for the 99-cent only store located on Fourth Avenue.  The council will also consider a request from the Marine Air Corps Station in Yuma to provide the base with potable water while the base rehabilitates their ... Read More »

Man Seriously Injured After Being Zapped With 70,000 Volts of Electricity


A man was seriously injured after he was zapped with nearly 70-thousand volts of electricity.  Officials say the unidentified 34-year-old male suffered burns from his hand to his feet.  The Yuma Sun says the man was pulling on some copper wiring near Wellton alongside Interstate-Eight, when he accidently touched a nearby electric line.  The man was airlifted to a Phoenix ... Read More »

Rating System For Preschool and Child Care Centers Being Considered


People dine at five-star restaurants or watch movies given four stars by reviewers, and now there is a nationwide shift underway to provide similar guidelines for parents looking for a quality preschool or child care.  Debi Mathias, director of the Q-R-I-S National Learning Network, says nearly every state is now planning or implementing a Quality Rating Improvement System, which goes ... Read More »

Yuma East Wetlands Receives Funding


Funding to help maintain the Yuma East Wetlands has been secured to protect the area for the next half century.  A partnership between the Quechan Indian tribe, the City of Yuma, the Yuma Crossing National Heritage Area and the Arizona Game and Fish Commission began the groundwork of bringing life back to part of the area surrounding the Colorado River.  ... Read More »

Border Patrol Rescues Alleged Illegal Immigrant From Heat Distress


El Centro Sector Border Patrol continues to rescue illegal aliens making an attempt to illegally enter the United States during these hot summer months.  On Tuesday a Border Patrol Agent on patrol encountered an individual that appeared to be suffering from heat distress.  The agent requested emergency medical services for the individual who rendered medical attention and transported him to ... Read More »

Yonathan Beltran Charged With Attempted Murder, Aggrevated Assault


Formal charges have been filed against 23-year-old Yonathan Beltran.  He is accused in the alleged shooting and attempted murder July 29th at a home on Coconino Lane.  Police say Beltran used a .40-caliber weapon against his victim, a 37-year-old man after getting involved in an argument.  The victim left the home when police found him in the middle of the roadway ... Read More »

Powerball Jackpot Reaches $425 Million


The jackpot for tonight's multi-state "Powerball" lottery game has reached $425 million. It is the third-largest jackpot in the history of the Powerball, which is played in 43 states including Arizona. The jackpot translates to nearly $245 million for the winner who chooses a cash option.  The two largest Powerball jackpots have occurred within the past year.  On May 18th, ... Read More »

Mother Seeks Benefits For Fallen Firefighter


The mother of one of 19 firefighters killed in an Arizona wildfire wants the city of Prescott to provide family survivor benefits reserved for fulltime employees.  Deborah Pfingston's 29-year-old son, Andrew Ashcraft, died in June with 18 other members of the Granite Mountain Hotshots while working a wildfire around Yarnell.  An investigation is ongoing. Ashcraft's family plans a news conference ... Read More »

Border Patrol Arrest 13 Illegal Immigrants


United States Border Patrol agents from the Yuma Sector arrested an aggravated felon near San Luis Sunday. Agents apprehended a group of 13 illegal immigrants soon after they crossed the Colorado River into the United States. Background checks revealed one of the individuals was convicted of murder in Huntsville, Texas. In addition, the man had been convicted of other crimes ... Read More »

Police Apprehend Felon Hiding In Home


The Yuma Police Department says an arrest was made after a suspect hid inside a house for some time. Police say 33-year-old Alfredo Avalos was found to have an outstanding felony warrant. After police made contact with him on Saturday, he fled and hid inside a house near the 700 block of West Second Street. The resident at the house ... Read More »

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