Friday, October 24th, 2014

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United Blood Services Encourages Blood Donors To Step Forward


United Blood Services has issued a plea for donors to step forward, saying Arizona's supply of blood type O-negative has slipped to extremely low levels. As of Monday, the nonprofit says just 16 units of O-negative blood remained to fill the needs of 58 hospitals. That leaves the state more than 90% below necessary levels. United Blood Services points to ... Read More »

Foreclosures Have Plummeted Since Peak Of Housing Crisis


Foreclosures have plummeted in the Phoenix area since the peak of the housing crisis. Lenders took back a record 51-hundred homes in the metro area in March 2010, but only 697 homes were the subjects of foreclosures last month. The Arizona Republic reports that short sales also are way down from last year's peak as home prices have increased steadily ... Read More »

AWC Football Sanctioned After Audit Reveals Infractions


The National Junior College Athletic Association has sanctioned the Arizona Western College football program after an audit revealed infractions. The Matadors were forced to forfeit five games and have now lost a chance to win a league championship. Officials says the penalty was due to two transfer waivers that were not received for two players who came from other colleges. ... Read More »

Pedestrian Killed After Being Struck By Driver In Yuma


A pedestrian was killed Friday night after being struck by a vehicle on 16th Street near Pacific Avenue. The Yuma Police Department says 51 year old Roger E. Oran of Yuma was pronounced dead at the scene. Police say the driver, 32 year old Anthony S. Daniel of Mesa was not injured. Read More »

One Person Dead In Accidental Fatality


The Yuma County Sheriff’s Office says one person was killed in an accident from Saturday night. Police say the wreck occurred on County 18th Street and Avenue A ¼. Police say a Jeep was traveling west on County 18th Street, when another vehicle pulled out in front of it, causing the driver, 19 year old Jose Hernandez Trujillo, to swerve ... Read More »

South Dakota Farmers Ask Arizona Farmers To Donate Cows


Can ranchers and farmers in Arizona and other states spare a cow? It is a question being posed on social media, in an effort to get quality animals to beginning and small ranch operations in South Dakota hit by winter storm Atlas.   Miles City, Montana, rancher Ty Linger founded “Heifers for South Dakota,” after 100-thousand animals were lost in ... Read More »

False Advertising On Contents Of Some Tortilla Packages


State officials say the contents of some packages of tortillas sold in Arizona are not what they are advertised.   The state Department of Weights and Measures says seven of the 36 locations inspected this month sold product that either was short on advertised weight or contained fewer tortillas than advertised. The businesses inspection included grocery stores, big box locations ... Read More »

Yuma Regional Medical Center Foundation To Host Youth Initiative Event


The Yuma Regional Medical Center Foundation will host a Youth Initiative event on Tuesday evening. Wayne Steffey of the Yuma Regional Medical Center Foundation explains what Youth does for the community.   The event will be held Tuesday at 5:30pm at Pasqueneil Produce. The foundation would like persons to contact them if they are attending at 336-2046.   Read More »

Furloughed Employees To Get Paid For 2 Week Government Shutdown


Thousands of furloughed Arizona employees whose salaries are fully or partially paid with federal funds will be paid for their two weeks off during the government shutdown. That word comes from Arizona Department of Administration spokesman Alan Ecker. The 16-day federal government shutdown ended Wednesday night and state and federal employees were back to work Thursday. In Arizona, furloughed state ... Read More »

Political Consulting Firm Pitches Proposal To Arizona Public Service


A political consulting firm pitched a proposal to Arizona Public Service Company for a stealth campaign to change how the state regulates utilities. The Arizona Republic reports that the head of the consulting firm whose representatives made the 2009 pitch says they did that at APS' request. APS denies that, with CEO Don Brandt saying APS did not solicit the ... Read More »

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